After 8 years, I didn’t have much hope for my ugly, grungy carpet and tile that hadn’t been professionally cleaned for at least that long. Because my recently renovated shower looked so great (and the floors so hideous in contrast), I finally decided to see if anything could be done. Vic Chesmore, owner of Residential Express, assured me the floors weren’t a total loss. And boy was he right!!!

Not only is my tile more beautiful than I ever realized, but Vic’s advice regarding color sealing my grout in a lighter color turned a strident checkerboard into a more cohesive-looking floor that nicely complemented the new shower! And the carpet? I don’t think I would even have guessed it was the color it is now—amazing!

Vic was very professional, friendly, thorough, and careful of my furniture (and my cat). Excellent work! I will definitely recommend Residential Express to friends and family!!!

Ashley H., Kissimmee, Carpet and tile cleaning, grout color sealing